My Guiding Principles on Autism; What are yours?

Today I want to share my Personal Believes & Guiding Principles on Autism.

  • I believe that Autism is TREATABLE and indeed REVERSABLE!!! But EARLY INTERVENTION is the Key!
  • I will do all that I can to ensure I get the needed help for my 2/ 3 year old exhibiting autistic tendencies before he/she becomes a teenager or adult and is formed in his or her ways.
  • I will not “cope” with autism; I will fight with all my Might and kick Autism out! It is NOT a part of my child/children’s life!
  • I am in the race against time for my child/children’s Recovery! And my Faith is my Strongest Weapon.
  • God will match me at my level of Faith and take my child/children beyond what the human eyes have ever seen, what the human ears have ever heard, and beyond what the human mind can ever think of or imagine for my child/children!

These are my Guiding Principles & Core Values. What are yours?

You can post yours by clicking here or discussing it here.

In all That You’re Getting; Please Get Understanding!