About Us

To be the vehicle by which children with a learning difference are integrated into the society. Being able to participate fully in all activities of purpose and meaning to them including; academic pursuits, social connectedness and independent levels of lifelong vocations.

Realizing the enormous potential in our children, we seek to bridge the gap between dependence and independence in life. This we do by providing a suitable learning environment, capable of meeting their needs, and a platform to build on interests and strengths as they contribute to their personal growth and that of the society.

Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, Responsibility, Flexibility

In providing services to our children, our model is driven by three major beliefs:
- Every child can learn
- A transdisciplinary team is necessary
- Families are vital

At Little Beginnings Academy every staff will strive to provide the Highest Quality Academics and Therapy Services that promotes and enhances each child’s development; while assuring our parent’s peace of mind in the care and service we render.
- We will provide a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate blend of program which fosters active learning, support for the whole child and a child friendly environment
- We foster innovation
- We embrace teamwork
- We strive for excellence
- We respect and support families
- We commit to service at all levels
- We respect and appreciate diversity
- We actively listen and seek to understand
- We communicate openly and productively
- We use resources creatively and responsibly
- We abide by nationally and globally acceptable Code of Ethics and Statement of Commitment

In order to provide a holistic program for each child, we use the following methods; Assessment
- Occupational Therapy
- Speech Therapy
- Academics
- Behaviour Therapy
- Physical Therapy