Therapy & Academics

Occupational Therapy

This is a client-centred health profession concerned with promoting health and wellbeing through occupation. The goal is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life that bring meaning and purpose to them. Each child is helped to reach an independent level of functioning.

Speech Therapy

To improve and support a child’s speech, language, communication and swallowing, in readiness for appropriate speech and language. Our team is inspired by the allied-health professionals of Speech and Language Therapists. The word of speech therapists are invaluable to assess relative needs and provide appropriate strategies for each child.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy approach is aimed at remediating impairments and promoting mobility, function and quality of life through assessment, diagnosis and physical interventions, using exercises and various physical agents like heat, cold, radiations etc.


We blend The British & Montessori system of education. The approach is child-based which exposes each child to practical and creative methods of identifying problems and proffering solutions to such problems based on the child's perception.

Using systematic observations of each child from birth to adulthood, activities that improve the sensorial, practical life and creative thoughts of each child are provided.

Learning structure is teacher-child-parent based and environmentally inclined. We improve each child's perception and problem-solving skills through exposure to learning in all areas; physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Behaviour Therapy

Behaviour modification to inhibit potentially self-destructive behaviours is crucial to our team work. Using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approaches, we help facilitate positive changes that will reinforce functional behaviour in your child.

Your child will be guided to achieve set goals for learning and acquire desired behaviour for lifelong interactions.